Monday, 22 September 2014

My interview via Annie Sloans's Blog, Paint & Colour

I have been featured on Annie Sloan's Blog, Paint & Colour - a little about me, my style and why I love Chalk Paint so very much! This montage is a teaser for my Painter in Residence pieces...
My pieces, along with Janice and Alex's, will be posted over the next few weeks via Annie's Blog and Social Media pages. I hope that you are inspired some of the colour and techniques :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Driftwood inspired desk/hall table

I love driftwood! I liked the idea of using the beautiful weathered style wood to add interest to one of my painted pieces. Problem is, we live an hour from the coast BUT we do live on a farm which means lots of older sections of wood knocking around (if you know where to look!)

Shorely Chic
I had a little old orange desk given to me that needed painting and a new top (I ALWAYS forget the before pic, sorry!). I fancied revisiting my love for Annie Sloan's Florence Chalk Paint, which is always popular, with just a touch of old white added. So I painted and waxed up the base, then gave it a spot-distressing with short, sharp scratches from the sandpaper.
Leslie Stocker - Colourways

Then I borrowed some battered old wood from one of the stashes on the farm and cut it into lengths as the top of the desk. I thought it was quite obvious to white-wash them, as lovely as that look is, so I thought a wash with Greek Blue would look great against the Florence.

Here are the results...




I love how it turned out. Whether a desk or hall table, its really different. The colours scream "summer is coming!" to me. This piece is for sale so please get in touch if you are interested :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Painters in Residence scheme

Hello there! Have I been missing in action??! No, but I have had a few quiet weeks on the blogging front after completing my Painters in Residence pieces with Annie Sloan.

The scheme started rolling out as of yesterday, follow this link to Annie's blog to read about this exciting initiative, starting with an interview with Janice Issitt from the UK.

Janice Issitt & Annie Sloan via Janice Issitt Lifestyle
Lots of exciting pieces ready for some beautiful paint in the next few weeks, see you sooner rather than later!
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Updating a lamp & shade with Chalk Paint™

Firstly apologies for lack of brilliant photography and step-by-step images! I wasn't planning on posting this project, but it turned out really well, just what I was here we go!

I found a lamp in a second-hand shop and I thought it might benefit from a little colour! The plain white shade was from target.
I have been loving orange and blue colour combinations, and had lose plans for a washed, blue effect on the shade. (That's the beauty of chalk paint, plans can be changed or painted over mid-project;))
D├ęcor Pad
Darlings Doodle Design
Kat Kinson
I painted the base in Barcelona Orange and then by really wetting the shade, and slowly layering up the colours to let them bleed, I created a water-colour like effect with Aubusson Blue, Antibes Green and Old White.

I love how the shade changes colour depending on light in the house or whether the switch is on :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Adding a modern twist to garden pots!

Most of us have old garden pots knocking around, some of them you have looked at for years, they do their job so they stay where they are. Others are given to us or picked up for next to nothing. Sometimes a fresh splash of colour of quirky design is called for to refresh their image! Cue some sunshine, Chalk Paint™ and brushes...
Here are my before pots...

I have simply used Chalk Paint™ very sloppily (so don't fear if you don't think you're not particularly creative with a paintbrush!) Just have a rough idea of colours/style of pot you would like to create and go for it...


Such a fast and easy turn around, especially as the paint dries sooo fast in our beautiful winter sunshine.
Chalk Paint™, decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Coco, Provence, Greek Blue, Pure White & a custom berry red :)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

DIY milky coffee plywood floors!

We desperately needed a new floor outside our pokey toilet and in Poppy's little bedroom. The main flooring in our living area is Jarrah planking but not being from Australia originally, I just don't have the sentimental attachment to the deep red hues as some do!
I am much more a fan of a lighter, softer, oak-like shade. I had seen a few DIYers laying ply-plank floors and wondered whether this might be an option for us too? Fast, cheap, easy.....

Little Green Notebook
A fire pole in the dining room
Shabby Creek Cottage
So I pulled up the nasty lino which lay on the area and the old pink carpet that was in Poppy's room. 

And took a visit to Bunnings to pick up some sheets of ply. Its a really good looking wood you know folks, very modern and clean and used in more places than you might imagine.
From this....

To these...hmm, tempted yet??

Lush Home


Apartment Therapy

After buying the plywood, my builder to cut it into approximately 6 equal widths, to create a really chunky, wide-board effect.

Then he laid it down using a nail gun and glue to fix, a huge improvement immediately!
I knew my preferred white wash finish wasn't right for us in this high traffic area of our small home, with small people, so I went with a water based walnut stain all-over.
Knowing this would be too dark for the finished look, I let it dry and then mixed up 1/3 of paint to water using Coco Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. 

This gave me a lovely rich, milky-coffee-with-grey-tones kind of colour (!!) which sank into the dark wood beautifully.
I then sealed the floors with a water based sealant and left it to cure for 2 days.

I'm really pleased with how the floors have come up. For a little bit of sweat, cash and time, I think they look great and they suit their purpose in our home perfectly right now.
I have a little more work to do on skirting and walls, so I will post some pictures of the finished rooms in a few days :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Love me some mustard!

I love deep, rich, dirty yellow shades. Probably something to do with the fact that they lie firmly within the range of autumn hues that suit my own colouring. I think mustard is one of those tones that people seem to love or hate - you don't see it worn too often, but when you do, its generally done very stylishly and with a fantastic mix of coordinating shades!
Secret Look Society
My neighbour and friend had these little old sad Queen Anne drawers which she had taken the beautiful mirror off already, she fancied a mustard shade to brighten up her lounge area. I cant emphasise enough how pieces of furniture like this that seem to have had their day (often covered in stickers from another life-time...) can be given a completely new and stylish second chance at life!
I mixed up a custom shade using Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, blending English Yellow, Versailles and a drop of Primer Red.

She had the really clever idea to hang the mirror on the wall above the drawers, keeping them together with a really contemporary twist! Makes me think I might like something in this shade in my own home too....
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